Friends are great.


Oh, Cali.

 California- such a disgusting yet exciting place to be. Honestly, I would be terrified to live there. Yeah, I'm that person. The germ freak, murderer paranoid, sheltered kid. Ok, I'm not sheltered...I just grew up in Middle Tennessee where dangerous things hardly ever happen. I was born in California though. So it has a special place in my heart. A... small place.


See What Happens

       If you're reading this, you must be very brave. Either that or you haven't read any of my past "blogs". I have had so many blogs it's embarrassing. I can't write. I am NOT a writer. And, unfortunately it took me a few years to finally come into the light that writing isn't one of my gifts. Sadly, during those few years, I had many blogs. I vented my pathetic emotions in blog posts with many grammar and punctuation errors, (I'm sure you've found 38,000 in this one already). I literally sat and laughed at them a few minutes ago.

But, I'm okay with it not being one of my gifts. I enjoy putting my time into other things, such as dance, (specifically ballet), teaching, maybe a little photography, and last but certainly not least- trying to strengthen my relationship with Him. So if you're in for a ride, follow this blog and we'll see what happens.