See What Happens

       If you're reading this, you must be very brave. Either that or you haven't read any of my past "blogs". I have had so many blogs it's embarrassing. I can't write. I am NOT a writer. And, unfortunately it took me a few years to finally come into the light that writing isn't one of my gifts. Sadly, during those few years, I had many blogs. I vented my pathetic emotions in blog posts with many grammar and punctuation errors, (I'm sure you've found 38,000 in this one already). I literally sat and laughed at them a few minutes ago.

But, I'm okay with it not being one of my gifts. I enjoy putting my time into other things, such as dance, (specifically ballet), teaching, maybe a little photography, and last but certainly not least- trying to strengthen my relationship with Him. So if you're in for a ride, follow this blog and we'll see what happens.


Elizabeth Rose said...

You, my friend, are a beautiful young lady, no matter your silly notions about your lack of blogging ability. I'm claiming the honor of first follower, and I can't wait to read the posts you publish!

Love you,
The Mysterious Stranger Whose True Identity You Know

Micky Botter said...

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